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About Us

DeepCove Cybersecurity delivers solutions designed to protect your organization against both current and emerging cyber threats. Our focus is on safeguarding your data and maintaining uninterrupted operations.

Our experienced team excels in the early detection of potential cyber threats, rapid response to prevent damage, and support in recovery from breaches. We continuously monitor to defend your business from evolving online threats.

We also help you elevate compliance beyond just adhering to industry regulations and standards, ensuring your business achieves and remains compliant and manages emerging risks. We go further by assessing the security measures of your partners and supplies and equip your teams to be aware of cyber threats. We provide you with the solutions and support you need to keep your business’s data and assets safe from cyber threats.

Our Services

Cybersecurity Program Assessment

DeepCove Cybersecurity’s Program Assessments enable you to understand your organization’s readiness to face cyber threats. Our expert analysis identifies strengths and weaknesses and provides bespoke solutions designed to most effectively protect your assets. We focus on high-impact security measures to empower your organization to navigate complexity with confidence while minimizing friction.

Cloud Security

DeepCove Cybersecurity offers a comprehensive suite of cloud security services, including risk assessment and compliance checks, tailored security architecture design, identity, and access management implementation, as well as data encryption and tokenization for data protection. We perform threat detection, incident response, and continuous monitoring. Additionally, we conduct ongoing security audits, develop policies, train employees, and manage vendor risks to ensure a proactive and all-encompassing security approach. Our services guarantee the protection of cloud environments and sensitive data, meeting industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Proactive Security

DeepCove Cybersecurity has a research driven proactive testing capability to discover security flaws in your software and hardware systems, simulate threat actors behavior and reverse engineer malicious software. Expanding from traditional security testing which includes vulnerability assessments, internal and external infrastructure testing, applications testing, physical security testing, etc., work with our clients in an agile fashion that provides immediate actionable feedback and seamless communications between DeepCove and your engineers and developers.

Third-Party and Vendor Risk Management

Our vendor security assessment services are tailored to evaluate and manage the security risks associated with third-party vendors, which are increasingly being targeted by adversaries. We conduct comprehensive assessments, examining vendors' security practices and compliance with industry standards. Our goal is to enable businesses to make informed decisions and establish secure relationships with vendors, minimizing potential security threats and vulnerabilities within their supply chain.

We evaluate their security policies, data handling practices, and measures used to protect your sensitive information. Our approach includes thorough reviews of infrastructure, access controls, and risk management strategies. We provide detailed reports and recommendations to assist in mitigating identified risks and ensuring alignment with security best practices and regulatory requirements.

Our Approach

DeepCove Cybersecurity doesn’t just meet minimum standards and regulations, we create an edge for our clients by combining threat intelligence and the latest proven technologies to defend against current threats and emerging risks.

Leveraging data-driven insights, our team proactively identifies exposures in systems and processes, and implements robust defenses. Our commitment to excellence ensures that our clients receive a level of protection that goes well beyond basic requirements, offering them peace of mind in an increasingly interconnected world.

Our team brings decades of cross-sector experience working with clients from diverse industries to give us a unique perspective. Securing your systems should not come at the cost of your privacy. We believe in an approach that upholds your security without sacrificing your confidentiality.

Mike Krygier

Mike Krygier

Founder and CEO

Mike founded DeepCove in 2022 with the goal of providing industry-leading solutions to organizations in need of cybersecurity. With over two decades of experience in cybersecurity, Mike has held multiple leadership roles throughout the private and public sector. Mike previously spent time with Google, New York City Cyber Command, and Mandiant. Mike holds a M.Sc in Information Security from the University of London, Royal Holloway along with various industry certifications.

Kellman Meghu

Kellman Meghu

Principal Security Architect

Kellman is responsible for designing, building, and implementing cybersecurity solutions with organizations. With over two decades of experience in the industry, Kellman has helped numerous companies across a variety of sectors define, deploy, and defend their infrastructure both in the cloud, and on-site locations. Kellman previously held positions with Checkpoint, Sycomp, and Alcatel. Outside of DeepCove, Kellman is an advisor for BlackHat Briefings.

Matt Franz

Matt Franz

Principal Security Engineer

Matt Franz leads DeepCove’s security operations and detection engineering team for the MDR service. Matt has over two decades of cybersecurity experience in both product and services companies, including leadership and senior engineering roles at Cisco, Mandiant, Tenable, SAIC, ZeniMax Online Studios, and T Rowe Price. Throughout his career, Matt has held numerous vendor and industry certifications including the CISSP and has spoken at conferences such as Black Hat Briefings, S4, CanSecWest, and NANOG.

Ignatius Michael

Ignatius Michael

Senior Manager Proactive Testing

Ignatius leads the proactive testing team, focused on analyzing systems for vulnerabilities. Ignatius has previously worked with Big 5 banks and Fortune 500 companies in the realm of offensive security. Prior to DeepCove, Ignatius was a proactive tester at KPMG, and RSM. Ignatius is also active in the cybersecurity community, as he co-leads the OWASP Toronto, and is a lecturer on cybersecurity at Seneca College.

Gessuri Garcia

Gessuri Garcia

Senior Cybersecurity Analyst

Gessuri is a senior cybersecurity analyst with eight years of engaged experience in diverse cybersecurity roles. A firm believer in collaboration and teamwork, she specializes in Incident Response, Risk Management, and Security Operations. With a Master's in Cybersecurity and Threat Intelligence and a CISSP certification, she’s led initiatives at the forefront of digital defense and applied skills in Cybersecurity Controls, Identity and Access Management, Cybersecurity Awareness, and the implementation of recognized Cybersecurity Frameworks.

Annie Steel

Annie Steel

Executive Assistant

Experienced executive administrator adept at supporting senior management in diverse industries, including roles at B+H Architects, VRG Capital, and BMO. Enjoys moving between managed administrative duties, coordinated meetings, and ensured policy compliance for executives as well as running Corporate events. Excels in communication and problem-solving, with a strong focus on collaboration across organizations. Proven track record in maintaining client relationships and achieving targets.


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